Yamaha R6 VERY LOUD Flybys & Knee Down

TURN UP THE VOLUME! (Headphones highly recommended) 2008 Yamaha R6 with Leo Vince full exhaust system (Stainless Steel Headers, Titanium Slip On) does flybys through a tunnel and in the canyons of Mexico
Videography: Nick Van Der Vegt itprogetti.info/author/1RSOOa14Z3Ijqxxw76hYXQ.html
End Music: Neguim - "Where U At"
Dog Reservoir Cover: Bikebuddyz
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  • so cool

    AE MAE M2 ore fa
  • VN thì like 👍

    Vĩnh PhúcVĩnh Phúc7 ore fa
  • I want to do that. 😁🤗🤤

    Jesus SavesJesus Saves12 ore fa
  • Cool video. Be always safe!

    Raul Gerardo Huertas PaivaRaul Gerardo Huertas Paiva12 ore fa
  • Name of the Exhaust installed in the bike???

    ASN 17ASN 17Giorno fa
  • OMG.. wow

    Alvin Reza KundaAlvin Reza KundaGiorno fa
  • Essa é a moto q vou comprar quando crescer

    Thiago SouzaThiago SouzaGiorno fa
  • R6 rules the 600cc world by far

    Faiz NanaFaiz Nana2 giorni fa
  • This exhaust sound is music for my ears

    Abhay Singh RaghavAbhay Singh Raghav2 giorni fa
  • Still no knee down.. only for cam, sorry for dislike.

    Spyros KosmadakisSpyros Kosmadakis2 giorni fa
  • WHat kind of pipe Very loud.. Thank you sir/maam

    Precious EspanolaPrecious Espanola2 giorni fa
  • ha. he has a Biker Buddy. I have one too. cool shit.

    Chuck GChuck G2 giorni fa
  • For those who don’t own a sport bike but planning to buy soon comment down;)

    Sdach3SachSdach3Sach3 giorni fa
  • Wow really fast in the corners...

    Neal on Two WheelsNeal on Two Wheels3 giorni fa
  • "This shit realistic af."

    huey hillyhuey hilly3 giorni fa
  • Phê vãi

    3 giorni fa
  • What a view..fantastic

    murad alimurad ali3 giorni fa
  • Damn ...is that real????

    Amulet Junio.SAmulet Junio.S3 giorni fa
  • At beginning I was very astonished cause the sound was not in relation with the displayed speed. Then I figured out it was probably mph and not kmh 😄

    LimtorakLimtorak4 giorni fa
  • This is a dangerous track to play with this toy. One minor mistake and you are nothing but a part of history:x

    Ali-KAli-K4 giorni fa
  • When you can't afford an F1 car. Imma get dat Rrrrrrrouuuu6 dawg.

    PREDATOR 90 G3PREDATOR 90 G34 giorni fa
  • Like 226jt Amazing

    alay ginggonkalay ginggonk4 giorni fa
  • R6 Version year????

    Duy Hai Nguyen LeDuy Hai Nguyen Le4 giorni fa
  • How nice of his boyfriend to stand outside a tunnel to record him riding his bike.👬

    blowingtrees2blowingtrees24 giorni fa
  • 이정도 도로사정이면 부담없이 누워도 되겠다..

    캐로드Tube캐로드Tube4 giorni fa
  • Puhhh paduhhh...

    erwan Wanerwan Wan5 giorni fa
  • I need a video game of this guys life.

    §hąřpśhøõțëŕ • 40 years ago (edited)§hąřpśhøõțëŕ • 40 years ago (edited)5 giorni fa
  • Is it haveing the custome exhaust if yes then please specify

    Raj BhargavRaj Bhargav5 giorni fa
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> there is a man with camera ...:D

    jhon malakiatjhon malakiat5 giorni fa
  • Le falta cancha a ese....

    lmp648lmp6485 giorni fa
  • Lástima, no se ha caído...

    Bsr BsrBsr Bsr5 giorni fa
  • Sounds like a f1 car so amazaing

    DisJoe JoeDisJoe Joe5 giorni fa
  • Le tenían que meter en la carcel

    ivan lavillaivan lavilla5 giorni fa
  • Biasa2 ja ni

    Riz WanRiz Wan5 giorni fa
  • Super que moto mis sueños

    Daniel ParodisDaniel Parodis5 giorni fa
  • Great 🤣 I just smacked that like button and left you a comment now can I have your bike 😂😂

    Dustin MooreDustin Moore5 giorni fa
  • I like this bike

    ENXX LIVEENXX LIVE6 giorni fa
  • It's the 5th time youtube had recommended me this..and yeah I'd watched it everytime.

    Surya VaishSurya Vaish6 giorni fa
  • great filming

    Aditya TamboliAditya Tamboli6 giorni fa
  • I love it, the sounds ride safe visit in the Philippines nice rides wow 😱😱

    Rem motovlogRem motovlog6 giorni fa
  • I thought this was GTA VI

    vivek sargotravivek sargotra6 giorni fa
  • the symphony of power speed great engineering ...simply a work of art in motion.

    lanz Ctacutanlanz Ctacutan6 giorni fa
  • What a metal!!!!

    Franklin Ruiz BNFranklin Ruiz BN6 giorni fa
  • Didn't see aknee down tho

    ChefboyR6 307ChefboyR6 3076 giorni fa
  • 3 minutes of "Pure Adrenaline Rush!!" What a bike! Stay Safe buddy :)

    Vinay k.mVinay k.m6 giorni fa
  • Imagine being a twat without license plates and rear mirror on a public road

    MrXeliumMrXelium6 giorni fa
  • He isn't fast but the cameraman always already present to shot him is waaaaay faster

    Morning StarMorning Star6 giorni fa
  • itprogetti.info/it/video/hYWgzmrNcbjGlJs Salute to my all dear Rider friend z

    LoRd GamingLoRd Gaming6 giorni fa
  • Arkadaşlar harika oyunlar videoları ve güzel oyunlar için kanalimi takip edin yaşamak için oyna kanalimin adi

  • Muito top !

    Yamaha no asfaltoYamaha no asfalto6 giorni fa
  • phê vãi lồn :))

    Lê TiếnLê Tiến6 giorni fa
  • What a joke. Can't stop laughing.

    Aafreen HusnejanaAafreen Husnejana6 giorni fa
  • Not once I saw knee down, that was just knee out, it's a big difference!

    Carolus van AardtCarolus van Aardt6 giorni fa
  • A moment's silence for the gear box💥

    fenian p0werfenian p0wer7 giorni fa
  • The dynamics of motorcycles are really amazing, the way they just wanna stand right up, the way you can lean and it not tip is just crazy

    DominicDominic7 giorni fa
  • Sup scooter so ditch the spongebob backpack go to a track and race some gents who'll teach ya how to ride. Thunder hill, willow springs. Arrow slipon? Akrapovic Evolution GP. .

    Charlene BarnesCharlene Barnes7 giorni fa
  • In "Mexico" You'll a bunch of criminal masterminds🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    chickenlajumpychickenlajumpy7 giorni fa
  • Bad to the bone bike but I didn't see one knee drag I bet there are still chicken stripes on those tires!

    Justin RobinetteJustin Robinette7 giorni fa
  • Otten... Isle of Man... Haste Eier fahr da...

    Erni BertErni Bert7 giorni fa
  • Nice way to die

    shroudshroud7 giorni fa
  • What game?

    Praetor IudexPraetor Iudex7 giorni fa
  • Now something louder than corona

    Breaking The StereotypesBreaking The Stereotypes7 giorni fa
  • sürekli kontağı açıp kapatarak, sadece sesini dinleyebilirim... dünyanın en güzel melodisi :)

    Gungor MungorGungor Mungor7 giorni fa
  • Did I just come

    MantisMantis8 giorni fa
  • What an adrenalin rush! How does he manage that blinding sun light when exiting a tunnel?

    ronrillon1373ronrillon13738 giorni fa
    • Lol only cameras get blind with that not human eyes.

      Ꮪ Ꮋ Ꮖ Ꮩ ᏙᏚ Ꮋ Ꮖ Ꮩ Ꮩ3 giorni fa
  • Yeah but corona is yet faster

    Prajeet BhattPrajeet Bhatt8 giorni fa
  • I can't get enough... This sound is so unbelievable good.

    SkyfreqSkyfreq8 giorni fa
  • هل تعلم أن الاسطدام باصغر طائر بسرعة فوق ٨٠ يعني الموت أثناء ركوب الدراجة النارية؟

    شاعر محشششاعر محشش8 giorni fa
  • Knee down? Where?! You did it wrong ;-)

    Lew4RLew4R8 giorni fa
  • On these kind of speeds, helmet is optional

    St. DietrichSt. Dietrich8 giorni fa
  • That's knee out not knee down. Why holding knee out though?

    Black LightBlack Light8 giorni fa
  • Bullet ki ma ki ankh

    I don't fuck with you. Bitch!I don't fuck with you. Bitch!8 giorni fa
  • biasa saja

    parmin alexanderparmin alexander8 giorni fa
  • Love this dam bike!!!! Love this sound

  • Booty call

    Ricardo FelipeRicardo Felipe8 giorni fa
  • I beber ser knee down

    ulises de la torreulises de la torre9 giorni fa
  • Legends say this guy good at doggy.

    Uncle RetardUncle Retard9 giorni fa
  • 21 million de vue pour ça mdr....

  • Aí sim hein é máquina de verdade

    Ednaldo GomesEdnaldo Gomes9 giorni fa
  • In America everthing seems like GTA 5.

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