A very romantic video. Send this to your crush, it works all the time. 420% success rate.
Do it now. and SLAP like too.

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  • ;)

    Davie504Davie50411 giorni fa
    • @Subscribe To me For no Reason ❶ That was his secret plan... to scoop up all the girls in one holiday! LOL

      JOSEF BORGJOSEF BORG8 giorni fa
    • Didnt send it

      Travis LimersTravis Limers8 giorni fa
    • Anyone else think he actually could sing really well if he wasn't memeing?

      Beat T-Series With One Video ChallengeBeat T-Series With One Video Challenge8 giorni fa
    • I'm actually practicing on bass

      North Eastern DraggerNorth Eastern Dragger8 giorni fa
    • :o

      Dat wholesome Gurl UwUDat wholesome Gurl UwU8 giorni fa
  • Send Bass

    Дмитрий НовиковДмитрий Новиков12 ore fa
  • I send this to my crush, now is my girlfriend thx davie this video works

    el chinardoel chinardo13 ore fa
  • Kinda thinking of sending this to my crush

    lord saladinlord saladin15 ore fa
  • I'm going to slapp your PP because I like pineapple pizza

    Miguel LegerMiguel Leger17 ore fa
  • Epic solo epico

    Leonardo AlfaroLeonardo Alfaro18 ore fa
  • V

    ZonedOutFNZonedOutFN18 ore fa
  • Y

    ZonedOutFNZonedOutFN18 ore fa
  • My phone was at 69 lmao %

    Teague KidsTeague Kids19 ore fa
    • When i watched it

      Teague KidsTeague Kids19 ore fa
  • sent this to my girlfriend, and she now wants to marry me, thank you davie

    Jonathan RamirezJonathan Ramirez19 ore fa
  • My boyfriend sent me this and makes me love him even more. Your videos are EPIC

    Camila RojasCamila Rojas22 ore fa
  • Yo can we get Genius on this

  • Hello from Russia

    max emax e23 ore fa
  • 💕

  • What's the original name of the tune?

    Martinete 1805Martinete 1805Giorno fa
  • Anybody else desperately trying to learn this on their bass

    Alejandro GarciaAlejandro GarciaGiorno fa
  • 0:40 to 0:45 i can't stop laugh

    Mattia LonghinMattia LonghinGiorno fa
  • Plot twist:he wrote this song to get nudes from her gf irl.

    zübeyde kütükzübeyde kütükGiorno fa
  • A part of me dies everytime he winks

    Arzu44Arzu44Giorno fa
  • Babe: send me P I C C S 😏 David: wait that’s illegal

    Mr. CalebMr. CalebGiorno fa
    • Y@s

      Linda Anne HeemskerkLinda Anne Heemskerk14 ore fa
  • So my girlfriend sent me this I'm so proud of her

    French ToastFrench ToastGiorno fa
  • Is he trying to be demonatised

    Nooh ZamanNooh ZamanGiorno fa
  • No slap on the song. I dont lyk

    OPi ThuzzyOPi ThuzzyGiorno fa
  • send dudes

    LuciferLuciferGiorno fa
  • "If I had $1 dollar usd if usa for every time I thought of slapping ur bASS" If I had an united states dollar 1 dollar united states dollar of united states of America for every time I thought of slapping your bASS

    NickNickGiorno fa
  • I wanna get into BASS, but i have no idea where to start from and have no idea where to get a cheap guitar help.

    Minowa GinMinowa GinGiorno fa
  • I sent this to her she left me.... 😭😭

    ARGHYA MukhopadhyayARGHYA MukhopadhyayGiorno fa
  • 0:09

    しおうたゆずかしおうたゆずかGiorno fa
  • Deu certo kkkk

  • Me: Wanna S L A P P? :) Friend: nah, we can S M A S H in Smash Bros

    Hank ZipperHank ZipperGiorno fa
  • *Lets bang*

    J4D3N UPT0NJ4D3N UPT0NGiorno fa
  • Why does E and S mean 69

    Larissa BørglumLarissa BørglumGiorno fa
  • What kind of bass is that? Iove the sound

    Bruh MomentBruh MomentGiorno fa
  • holy shit

    mikebot78k1mikebot78k1Giorno fa
  • Genius has entered the chat

    a ea eGiorno fa
  • Imma send this to my crush, I'll update this

    Kailang LinKailang LinGiorno fa
  • name of the original song

    Juan GomezJuan GomezGiorno fa
  • My ex sent me this and I love pinneaple pizza 😄

    Jennifer Calabrano A.Jennifer Calabrano A.Giorno fa
  • I don't like piaple pizza (;

    Pp JacksonPp Jackson2 giorni fa
  • Unbass hands reveal.

    Best LoopingBest Looping2 giorni fa
  • Но что делать если мой краш не знает английский и не поймет суть?

    Damir AsainovDamir Asainov2 giorni fa
  • Like my comment now or I will call the police

    School Stinks ButtSchool Stinks Butt2 giorni fa
  • This nearly killed me haha

    PlaguePlague2 giorni fa
  • Send bASS I'm gaee

    · Starii ·· Starii ·2 giorni fa

    joe dursijoe dursi2 giorni fa

    LeGumiLeGumi2 giorni fa
  • I send this to my crush but she blocked me 🤦‍♂️☹

    Salvador jamesSalvador james2 giorni fa
  • I sent this to my gf and she left me Because she wants Davie504 now :( not epic

    Talkative LoserTalkative Loser2 giorni fa
  • thumbnail looks like thanos

    Jedidiah MaiJedidiah Mai2 giorni fa
  • Yoji no

    Chris MChris M2 giorni fa
  • no u

    Bassfan 504Bassfan 5042 giorni fa

    Alejandro HueltesAlejandro Hueltes2 giorni fa
  • Oh my god I'm in love😂😂😂

    soominnie_kimsoominnie_kim2 giorni fa
  • This is the song that i want my date to sing I have no date

    Jada TanJada Tan2 giorni fa
  • I like your B-ASS :')

    Cristian LópezCristian López2 giorni fa
  • I was about to send this to my crush then she got with another guy

    sherbertstar64sherbertstar642 giorni fa
  • The name of the song is send nudes

    Colby NealeColby Neale2 giorni fa
  • can't go 1 minute without B A S S checkmate no bass players

    Pat MehanPat Mehan2 giorni fa
  • Name of the original song please?

    Manuel 412Manuel 4122 giorni fa
  • 40 string bass now plz

    Kaden NicholsKaden Nichols2 giorni fa